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Medical Deans advocates for sustainable and robust mechanisms to support health, medical education, training and research and works in collaboration with key organisations to develop policies relating to standards of medical education; medical education and training; and workforce shortages.

Medical Deans contributes to the following committees.

Committee Medical Deans Representative
AFMC Planning Committee for the International Congress on Academic Medicine  Professor Kirsty Forrest
AHPRA Education Provider Reference Group  Professor Michelle Leech
AMC Council Member Professor Richard Murray (nominated by MDANZ)
AMC Medical Schools Accreditation Committee (MedSAC) Professor Wendy Hu (term ends Nov 2023)

Professor Inam Haq (term ends Nov 2024)

Ms Sonya Van Bremen (term ends Nov 2021)

Professor Gary Rogers (term ends Nov 2023)

AMC Pre-Vocational Accreditation Committee (PreVAC)

AMC Specialist Education Accreditation Committee (SEAC)

Professor Stuart Carney (nominated by MDANZ, selected by AMC Board)

Professor Mark Gladman (nominated by MDANZ, selected by AMC Board)

AMC Prevoc Framework Review – Stakeholder Reference Group 

AMC Prevoc Framework Review – e-Portfolio specifications subgroup

AMC Standards Review Working Group

Professor Stuart Carney


Professor Jane Bleasel

Professor Kirsty Forrest

Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges Professor Richard Murray (in role as President)

Ms Helen Craig

Doctors’ Health Advisory Services Advisory Committee Professor Brian Kelly
Group of Eight Professor Richard Murray (in role as President)

Ms Helen Craig

Heart Research Institute Professor Andrew Boyle
Independent Hospitals Pricing Authority Stakeholder Advisory Committee Ms Helen Craig
Intellectual Disability Education and Training Expert Advisory Group Professor Graeme Maguire (term ends Dec 2023)
Medical Workforce Reform Advisory Committee (MWRAC)

National Medical Workforce Strategy Advisory Committee

Professor Richard Murray (in role as President)

Professor Richard Murray (invited by DOH)

International Council for Disability Inclusion in Medical Education Dr Lise Mogensen (nominated by MDANZ)
Medical Training Survey Advisory Group Ms Helen Craig
Quality Use of Pathology Committee Professor Peter Smith
Stakeholder Reference Group for the evaluation of the Stronger Rural Health Strategy Professor Richard Murray
The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons/Medical Deans Clinical Academic Pathways Working Group Ms Helen Craig
Universities Australia: Health Professions Education Standing Group Professor Imogen Mitchell (currently Ms Helen Craig as IM proxy)