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The Data Dashboard provides information on the number of medical students commencing, enrolled in, and graduating from Australian and New Zealand medical schools, and shows trending data over the last few years. Enrolment data is shown from 2010 onwards, and graduate data from 2013.

You can interact with the Dashboard shown on-screen above or click the    icon (on the lower RH side) to open in full-screen mode. Pressing ESC will exit the full-screen mode.

If you have any queries, please contact

In addition, our 2021 Student Statistics Snapshot Report can be accessed by clicking here.

Some brief instructions on how to use the Dashboard:

  • Use the ‘tabs’ at the top right of the screen to change views.
  • Click on the AU/NZ toggle to change between countries, and use the drop-down year option to select the year of the data you wish to see (e.g. NZ graduates from 2017)
  • Hover over any section of a graph to view the pop-up statistics
  • Click on parts of the graphs to show only related data, e.g.
    • click on the name of the school to show only that school’s data
    • click on any dark blue ‘CSP Bonded’ segment or label to show only data relating to bonded CSPs
  • Holding SHIFT whilst clicking allows you to select multiple options, e.g.
    • to show all domestic student data, hold the SHIFT key down and click on CSP Non-Bonded, CSP Bonded, and Full Fee Dom.
  • On the AU Enrolments screen, you can choose to show the data ‘by Place Type’ (the default) or ‘by School Year’ by clicking on the   symbol
    • Click on a segment in the ‘Year’ pie chart to show only the data for students enrolled in that year – e.g. clicking on the dark blue Yr 1 segment will show you the data on commencing students
    • Conversely, when looking at enrolled students by School Year, clicking on the light blue International segment will show you the enrolled data for those students
      (Note: projected enrolments are only available by Domestic/International – hover over the graph to see the figures)
  • Clicking on the sign next to a school’s name will expand the data for that school, showing figures by place type or year of the program, and gender
  • When hovering over an element of a table or chart/graph, right-click will allow you to show that data as a separate table for all years– e.g.:
    • when on the Graduate tab, select a school, then right-click on the top RH line graph and select to show that school’s graduate numbers for all years
    • When on the Indigenous tab, right-click on the graph for ‘Number of Indigenous students’ and select to show as a table the commenced, enrolled, and graduated numbers for all years
  • Click on the at the top right of each page to show further notes regarding the data on that page.
  • Click on the symbol to clear any selections you have made.


  • NZ students commence in second-year medicine, following on from their Health Sciences First Year
  • The number of students identifying as non-binary or unspecified gender will show when you expand a school’s data in the tables (by clicking the +) and are included in the gender pie chart but are not included in the female/male line graph due to low numbers
    • the numbers for all genders can be seen by right-clicking on the pie chart and selecting ‘show as table’
  • Some line graphs do not include projections i.e. the gender split of enrolled students, as this data is not collected.
  • Projected enrolments for year 1 reflect figures as supplied by each medical school (i.e., anticipated enrolments for the following year).
  • All other projections (both enrolments and graduates) have been derived from the number of currently enrolled students and make no adjustment for potential attrition e.g.,
    • the total count for currently enrolled year 2 = the total projected enrolment count for year 3 in the following year
    • the projected graduates for next year = the number currently enrolled in their final year
  • Projected enrolments are only available by Domestic / International (hover over the graph to see numbers)
  • Rural / Urban shows only data on year 1 domestic students. This data was only collected from 2014 onwards
  • Indigenous data is shown only at a national level