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Professor Zsuzsoka Kecskes

Director of Medical School
Australian National University, College of Health and Medicine

Zsuzsoka moved to Sydney in 1994 and completed her training in Neonatology in Brisbane, where she also completed a PhD at the University of Queensland.

She has been working as a Neonatologist in Canberra since 2001 and has been the Director of the Department from 2007 to 2015. She developed a quality and safety curriculum at the Medical School of the ANU.

From March to September 2020 Zsuzsoka was the Acting Dean of the ANU Medical School, a time when the COVID pandemic greatly affected world health and higher education. She became Director of the ANU Medical School in January 2021.

She was recognised by the Australia Day Council who awarded her as the ACT Australian of the Year 2014 for her work with families to design a safe, family-centred Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the implementation of the NICUcam, a web-based design for parents and families to view their baby when they are not able to visit.