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Medical Deans oversee the operational benchmarking projects of our member medical schools; the primary purpose of which is to support best practice in the effectiveness and efficiency of medical school operations and infrastructure.

Through the collection and analysis of defined metrics, these projects support our member medical schools with strategic planning, evidence-based decision making and quality assurance. It also assists our members by providing internal validation of their activities in comparison to other similar medical schools, rather than trying to compare with other very different schools or faculties within their university.

What type of data is collected?

The operational benchmarking project collects data on:

  • School profile
  • Academic and professional staff
  • Research assistants and honorary staff
  • Student and clinical capacity
  • Research and teaching activity

How is the data analysed and reported?

The collected data is de-identified, analysed and grouped according to school profile. For example, data from graduate and undergraduate entry schools will be grouped to compare and contrast. This type of auditing assists medical schools to internally benchmark and better understand their structures and operations in a secure and effective way.

How often is the project run?

The operational benchmarking project is currently in its third round, having previously been run in 2015 and piloted in 2011. The metrics of this project are expected to be collected from participating medical schools every second year (i.e. biennially) to maintain currency and usefulness to our members.

For more details on this work or if you have any queries, please contact the Medical Deans’ office on