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Medical Deans is currently reviewing our 2017 document ‘Inherent requirements for studying medicine in Australia and New Zealand.’ The review is being led by a Working Group with wide representation from our medical schools and a range of key stakeholders including the Medical Board of Australia, Australian Medical Council, Medical Council of New Zealand, Australian Medical Students Association, and Doctors with Disabilities Australia.

In 2019, we undertook an extensive initial consultation process with relevant stakeholders and have developed a new guidance document, Inclusive Medical Education: Guidance on medical program applicants and students with a disability. We are now seeking feedback on the new draft document and would greatly value your comments.

The revised document provides guidance on approaches to support equitable access to medical school programs for applicants and students with a disability where this is possible. It also provides guidance to support early and constructive discussions between medical school and applicants or students with a disability about reasonable adjustments and support. In developing the document, we considered the feedback we received in our initial consultation, legislative and regulatory contexts in Australia and New Zealand, relevant literature, and examples from other countries such as the UK and USA.

To provide feedback, please complete this quick form or email your comments to by 1 February 2021.