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The Student Statistics is an annual data collection carried out by Medical Deans. All 21 Australian and 2 New Zealand medical schools provide data regarding enrolments and graduates as of their university census dates.  The annual Reports below provide snapshot and trend information.

2021 Student Statistics Report – Coming soon

2020 Student Statistics Report


Customised Student Statistics tables can also be viewed and downloaded. Select the data you require using the drop-down lists below and then select to preview the figures on-screen or to export the data (in CSV format).


  • Country returns the country of the medical schools
  • Data Type returns whether you would like to retrieve enrolment or graduate data
  • Year returns data collected in that calendar year
  • Students returns whether you would like to retrieve data on domestic, international or total students

Note: From 2018 – 2020 the UWA MD course has had multiple pathways for entry. Some students are eligible for exemption from Year 1 by completion of a BBSc-MMS degree. Consequently Year 1 figures are lower than would be expected.