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Medical Deans contributes in a variety of ways to the national health policy agenda, particularly in the areas of professional entry-level medical education and training and medical research.  Written submissions are an important feature of that contribution.

Mental Health First Aid Funding Submission

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training program is an internationally recognised course developed in Australia, which has been specifically adapted for health professional students. The feedback from student participants and universities has been overwhelmingly positive, with evidence showing the training leads to improved knowledge, skills and abilities for the participants.

Submission to the Independent Review of Accreditation Systems

Medical Deans is supportive of the current accreditation processes undertaken by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) which have both a quality improvement and quality assurance purpose. The submission expands on the strengths of the current approach and areas for potential improvement.

Consultation on the Rural Health and Multidisciplinary Training Programme

Medical Deans provided feedback to the Commonwealth on proposed revision to the rural health workforce investments. Where Medical Deans welcomes the ongoing Government initiatives to improve the geographic distribution of the health workforce, but at the same time it does not support any reduction in the funding to RCTS with the consolidation of the 3 programmes.

Submission to Intern Review

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Health Council has commissioned the Review of Medical Intern Training. The purpose of the Review is to examine the current medical internship model and consider potential reforms to support medical graduate transition into practice and further training and to ensure that the workforce continues to be well trained, fit for purpose and equipped to meet the changing health needs of the Australian population.

Submission to the NRAS Review

The National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) commenced in 2010 and planned a formal review following the first three years of operation. Medical Deans has provided a submission that primarily addresses the National Scheme’s objectives of facilitation of high quality education and training and the development of a flexible, responsive and sustainable workforce.

Submission on the review of Medicare Locals

As part of a pledge by the incoming government, the Commonwealth instituted a review into Medicare Locals which commenced in December 2013. The review is chaired by Professor John Horvath, formerly Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, and will provide its advice to the government in March 2014.