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The Data Committee oversees and provides expertise on data initiatives that help to inform and support the policy and projects work of Medical Deans. Our aim is to contribute to building the evidence-base  to inform workforce development and medical education policies and initiatives, and provide additional benefit to our members. 

A key part of the Committee’s focus is the governance and oversight of our work to make publicly available de-identified, national level reports and a data dashboard that enables easy access to useful information.  They also govern the consideration and decisions on any requests by researchers to access Medical Deans’ data, guided by a set of principles developed to ensure usage only by projects with appropriate purpose and ethics approval, and secure privacy and confidentiality protocols. 

Key initiatives include:

The annual Medical Students Outcomes Database (MSOD) survey.  A similar project is conducted in Aotearoa New Zealand by the Universities of Auckland and Otago 
Linkage of Australian MSOD data with AHPRA medical registration data to support a better understanding of future career paths taken by our graduates  
Collation of key data on medical student numbers across the two countries, including national level statistics on Indigenous students and graduates 
Enabling easy sight of data from the AHPRA medical register showing the number of doctors registered to practice in Australia, and their location and specialty area 
An Annual Data Forum for key stakeholders in the health workforce ‘data community’ to share and discuss data, its collection and usage, and explore the potential for greater collaboration and connection across relevant data initiatives 
Facilitating appropriate access to the data by member medical schools to support their research into medical education and health workforce development 

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