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28 April 2021

Inclusive medical education: Guidance on medical program applicants and students with a disability

20 March 2020

Principles to support medical students’ safe and useful roles in the COVID-19 health workforce

19 March 2020

Medical Students’ contribution to the health workforce response to COVID-19

24 September 2019
Medical Students Need a Connected Pathway for a Rural Career

23 January 2019
Medical Deans and supporting the Rural and Regional Workforce

11 September 2018
Over a third of Medical Graduates want a Career in Rural and Regional Practice

3 July 2018
Increasing our Understanding of Medical Students Contribution to Hospital Services

8 May 2018
Rural Medical School Announcement a Political Fix that Misses the Mark

22 November 2017
Letter to Editor: Medical Deans are Committed to Student Health and Wellbeing

9 October 2017
5 Year Survey of 12,400+ Medical Graduates Reveals Doctors Unconcerned with Financial Benefits, Keen to Work Outside Capital Cities and Interested in Research

16 August 2017
Latest Snapshot of Who Will be Australia’s Next Doctors

26 June 2017
Medical Deans Welcomes Australia’s First National Rural Health Commissioner

24 May 2017
City-Based Specialist Training the Stumbling Block for Supply of More Rural Doctors

25 May 2017
What Needs to Happen to Build Resilience and Improve Mental Health among Junior Doctors

8 May 2017
‘How to Create a Practising Rural Doctor’ article by Professor Richard Murray, Acting President of Medical Deans

13 April 2017
Regional Hubs to Train Doctors in the Regions for the Regions

14 December 2016
Medical Deans Welcomes Government Commitment on Medical Workforce Needs in Regional and Rural Australia

24 November 2016
Medical Deans sign Statement of Agreed Principles on a Respectful Culture in Medicine

2 November 2016
Letter to SMH Editor on Bullying and Harassment

11 October 2016
Wollongong Hosts Medical Deans Annual Conference 2016

9 October 2016
Survey Reveals Unique Snapshot of Future Doctors

8 June 2016
International Recognition for Leaders in Indigenous Education Network

26 May 2016
Specialist Training Needed to Keep Young Doctors in the Bush

30 March 2016
Boost Postgraduate Training and Doctors will Stay in the Regions

8 March 2016
Medical Deans Celebrate Women’s Achievements

11 February 2016
Medical Deans Support Strong Action to Close the Gap

9 November 2015
Medical Schools 5 Year Trend Data

13 October 2015
Deans support evidence base review of the MBS

23 July 2015
Deans congratulate new NHMRC leadership team

13 July 2015
Carmel Tebbutt heads up Medical Deans

6 July 2015
A new leadership team for Medical Deans

18 May 2015
Australia needs more doctors in the bush; not another urban medical school

6 May 2015
Exciting Workforce Planning Development: Medical Schools Outcomes Database to realise its potential through data linkage

15 April 2015
COMMUNIQUE – Bi-national Assessment Collaboration Workshop

2 April 2015
Deans Congratulate outstanding medical researchers

12 November 2014
Communique November 2014

5 September 2014
More doctors for regional and rural Australia

21 July 2014
Deans welcome boost to Medical Research

11 July 2014
FACT SHEET: Contributions and Costs of a Medical Qualification

2 July 2014
Exciting new developments for the Medical School Outcomes Database (MSOD) project

2 December 2013
Federal MP supports Rural Clinical Schools

27 September 2013
Medical Schools – CURRENT and PROPOSED: Fact Sheet

14 August 2013
$8M windfall to boost internship program

7 August 2013
The evidence is in – we need to put doctors where we need them, not new medical schools

24 July 2013
Answer to rural GP shortage local interns

26 July 2013
Deans welcome support to put junior doctors where we need them

13 June 2013
Landmark Aboriginal medical education agreement signed

3 June 2013
Private student training ‘fantastic’

5 June 2013
Coalition divided over plan for new regional medical school

4 June 2013
New medical schools ‘a mistake’, says new President

22 February 2013
Demand rising for Australia-trained docs

9 November 2012
Deans welcome new intern places

9 November 2012
Deans welcome new WA intern places

25 October 2012
Internships are not a privilege to be sold

22 October 2012
Foreign medical students fight for right to complete degrees

5 October 2012
Young doctors need a dose of funding

25 September 2012
Act now or lose 150-plus doctors

21 September 2012
Medical education for the future

21 August 2012
Staying the course: University attrition rates key to true parity

21 August 2012
More indigenous medical students create milestone

20 August 2012
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical student numbers jump

6 August 2012
Teaching crisis for trainee doctors

23 July 2012
Lack of hospital internships threaten future doctor numbers

23 July 2012
Intern changes welcome, but more to do

23 July 2012
Not Enough Internships for Medical Graduates

26 May 2012
Why Australia’s medical system is discriminatory

14 May 2012
Australia ‘needs’ international med students

30 April 2012
Deans welcome workforce report

19 March 2012
Med grads face no-man’s land

14 March 2012
Hospital intern plan risks exodus of foreign students

16 January 2012
First graduates from new medical school

28 November 2011
Racism continues on campuses

27 November 2011
Landmark Indigenous agreement signed

7 November 2011
Medical Students take expertise offshore

4 November 2011
Lack of internships may send Australian trained doctors elsewhere

4 November 2011
Doctors in demand by poachers

3 November 2011
First studies on medical student data

9 September 2011
Medical Deans & AIDA working together to deliver doctors who will make a difference

2 September 2011
Deans contribute to health workforce reform

30 May 2011
Firm up medical numbers, urges new president

27 May 2011
Medical schools call for 50% funding boost

25 May 2011
Medical Schools seek rise in funding

25 May 2011
Medicinal Values

18 May 2011
Increase in University funding

30 April 2011
International Students

18 February 2011
Deans welcome funding agreement

6 February 2011
MJA article on conflict of interest – a response

29 September 2010
Action on Medical Training: Joint Statement

19 August 2010
No new schools before 2014, say Deans

13 April 2010
Keep medical student numbers on hold

15 March 2010
Deans welcome PM Rudd’s announcement

9 March 2010
Medical students may never qualify, warn Deans

5 March 2010
Deans welcome federal hospital plan

24 February 2010
We must guarantee training places for all

1 February 2010
Letter to the Editor

11 December 2009
Deans welcome new federal funding

30 October 2009
Doctor numbers set to soar

23 September 2009
‘Closing the Gap’ in Alice Springs

17 June 2009
Australian medical students swing towards general practice careers

16 June 2009
Training places must meet demand for doctors, says New Medical Deans’ President

3 October 2008
Agreement to raise Indigenous doctor numbers and improve Indigenous health: JOINT MEDIA RELEASE: Medical Australia and New Zealand/ Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association

8 September 2008
Clinical training at risk if not funded by Healthcare Agreements

28 February 2008
Healthcare agreements should fund clinical training: Medical Deans

28 June 2007
NT child protection plan needs medical workforce trained in Indigenous health

9 May 2007
Increased funding per student welcome but won’t fully train Doctors

13 April 2007
Medical leaders want one body to set education standards for Doctors

9 April 2007
MedEd Conference: Gen X and Y prompt review of medical training

4 April 2007
MedEd Conference: Australia’s medical workforce

12 January 2007
Medical Deans Change Name and Launch Resources Campaign