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Producing highly-trained, work-ready medical graduates is the fundamental core to the work of medical schools and Medical Deans.  Our Medical Education Collaboration Committee leads our work on education, training and assessment, with their remit to:

  • Provide advice to the Medical Deans’ Executive on practices which lead to excellent performance and ongoing quality improvement of medical education and training, including advice on emerging trends and developments in medical education
  • Lead the development of collaborative medical education policy frameworks seeking input and engagement from across our membership
  • Consider appropriate governance structures and approached to support the development of a trans-Tasman shared assessment collaboration

Working Groups of Medical Education Collaboration Committee

Inherent Requirements Working Group

Formed to manage the collaborative development of unified guidance on the inherent requirements for someone to study and practice medicine, with the view to establishing national Good Practice Guidelines.

The working group has developed the Inherent Requirements for Studying Medicine in Australia and New Zealand  document for use in professional entry level medical training with the aim of providing the greatest access for students with disabilities while ensuring safe clinical training.

Climate Change and Health Working Group

The Climate Change and Health Working Group was established in 2017 with the aim to develop learning objectives, curriculum and learning resources to ensure medical graduates are competent to:

  • deal with the anticipated adverse health consequences of climate change
  • promote the health co-benefits of actions to address climate change; and
  • be role models and change agents for mitigation and adaptation actions