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COVID-19 brought about rapid changes, ongoing uncertainties and new teaching approaches in medical education across Australia and New ZealandThe disruption caused by COVID-19 also brought the importance of professionalism to the forefront and highlighted the challenges in defining, teaching, assessing professionalism, and effectively remediating unprofessional behaviour 

To support the medical educators and clinical supervisors at our member schools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Medical Education Collaborative Committee of Medical Deans established a working group who were tasked with providing practical guidance about how professionalism and professional identity is taught and assessed in the medical program, particularly when navigating the changes brought about by COVID-19 

This report, Professionalism and professional identity of our future doctors, provides an overview of the current approaches to how professionalism is defined, taught, assessed, and remediated across Australian and New Zealand medical schools; common challenges and systemic issues; suggestions on potential areas for future collaboration and further research; and suggested useful resources.